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Author Topic: XY recorder -- Can't get any curves to show  (Read 1995 times)
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« on: December 18, 2014, 11:47:58 AM »

I'm a newbie to Tina, bus was trained as an EE, just a little rusty.
To get up to speed I designed a simple photovoltaic model but can't get any data to show in the XY Recorder or oscilloscope.
Version: BP-DS

I've read and searched the Tina 10 manual and tried a lot of stuff
   Voltage sources, voltage generator w/ triangle output, and tried defining each as a control object
   Resister, defined as control object
   Used the XY Recorder "Start" button, before and after DC and AC analysis
   Looked at simple examples provided, but when added an XY Recorder, got no data either.
I can produce a nice DC transfer function that looks like a PV cell, so the circuit is probably built correctly.

Curious:  Why is there no mention of "XY Recorder" in  "TINA_10_manual.pdf" ?

Thanks for any help.
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« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2015, 05:04:04 AM »

Hello there,

I have not uses the X,Y recorder as of yet in any project, therefor can't offer a definite answer. But I can say that I did download your project and added the X,Y recorder from the T&M drop down menu.

Once this was in the project, I just pressed F1 key to get the Tina help screen for that recorder.

Just make sure the X,Y recorder has focus as the help menu is displayed for what ever item has the focus on the screen in Tina.
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