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Title: Edison 5 released
Post by: Rays on December 18, 2009, 12:51:02 AM
We’re excited to announce the release of Edison 5, the long awaited new version of Edison, the Multimedia Lab for exploring electronics and electricity


  • Full Vista and Windows 7 compatibility and support
  • Now it works in any resolution what your computer and OS supports
  • Full OpenGL 3D, you can view create and edit in 3D circuits from any angle
  • Dual editing, you can edit the circuits either in 3D or in the schematic window
  • Mixed circuit simulation, allowing to mix, analog parts with any digital including microcontrollers
  • More electronics parts: Zener diode, PIC, AVR and 8085 microcontrollers and more
  • Mechanical parts (gear, warm, rack, pulley and more) included
  • Allows to combine mechanical and electric and electronics parts
  • New experiments including Microcontrollers
  • Advanced, integrated tools for creation of new experiments, and problems to solve

For further details please visit (